Our Commitment to Diversity

At Peaceprints of WNY, we are committed to strengthening communities by rebuilding lives. Central to that commitment is the belief that engaging our community requires that our organization reflects the diverse people and experiences that comprise that community.

Our community is made up of folks of all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, socio-economic classes, abilities and disabilities, faiths, education levels, national origins, immigration statuses, and lived experiences. Peaceprints of WNY celebrates these differences and strives to listen to, elevate, and incorporate these voices in all aspects of our organization.

We recognize that centuries of excluding so many of these voices from full and meaningful participation have led to the ongoing systemic oppression and marginalization of communities. Disrupting these systems can be uncomfortable, but Peaceprints of WNY is committed to representing these voices in our work and embracing the discomfort. We strive to create safe spaces that not only invite in, but empower our neighbors to participate as equals in the conversations surrounding mass incarceration, justice reform, and social equity.


Diversity in Practice

Peaceprints of WNY advances equity and diversity in all of our actions. From the composition, training, and commitment of our Board of Directors to our hiring practices and policies, we prioritize recruiting and retaining team members that reflect the demographics of our region and the lived experiences of the clients we serve.

We structure our programs to meet our clients where they are and foster meaningful interactions that are inclusive of their experiences and backgrounds. Further, Peaceprints of WNY partners with organizations, vendors, and stakeholders who share our values of respect and inclusion and challenge them to continue to elevate their standards and practices.

Our work necessitates the challenging of the status quo and advancing opportunities for all. As such, Peaceprints of WNY prioritizes creating a coalition of voices as diverse as our community and championing the education, empathy, and anti-bias work that necessitates meaningful, equitable change.